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Frequently Asked Questions

If your concrete driveway has seen better days and needs either repair or replacement, no one does it better than a professional concrete contractor like B and R Driveways of Montgomery. If you live in or around the Montgomery, AL area and are looking for such a contractor, then our frequently asked questions post is a must-read!

Why choose us?

Good question, we are not rank amateurs when it comes to affordable concrete work, as we have been in this game since 1997, yes, you read that correctly. Each member of our crew pays close attention to every detail of the job at hand. Which helps us to maintain the quality of our work. We only use the best materials, tools, machinery, and equipment in every one of our jobs. We offer more than just concrete work and have provided a comprehensive list further in this article.

When is it convenient to contact your concrete service?

The weekends we are closed, other than that we are available every day starting from 8 am right through to 5 pm.

What about any free estimates?

Each one of the services listed below come with free estimates. This means you are free to call around and compare our prices, at which point, you will invariably find we are the cheapest in town!

Tell me more about this comprehensive list you spoke about?

With pleasure, please read the following:

  • Concrete Driveway Installation
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Blocks and Stones
  • Concrete Repair
  • Decks
  • Home Remodeling
  • Small Additions
  • Tiles and Floor Work
  • Painting

Further details on any of the work above are available upon request when you call this number (334) 203-5094 today.

Is your company both licensed and insured?

We are indeed, so when you begin to call around requesting quotes for your project, make sure each contractor possesses both of these. And do not let them convince you these documents are not necessary, because they are. If you fail to heed our warning, then, be it on your own head!

Are you capable of taking on any commercial projects?

Not only are we capable enough, but we have also done on many occasions, and continue to do so.

Do you only accept cash as payment?

No, we also accept PayPal, AMEX, Visa, checks, MasterCard, Discover, and most of the debit and credit cards used today.

How soon after you have poured my new driveway can I walk on it?

We advise at least 72 hours of cure time. Even though the top layer of concrete may appear set, the substructure will need a little more time.

What about references or reviews?

After being in business for as long as we have, I would say we have a few of these that you can read. Our testimonials page is where our clients are free to leave their comments, feedback, and reviews on what they thought of our workmanship, prices, and overall customer services.

Well our concrete will not pour itself, meaning we need to wrap things up now. If our frequently asked questions post failed to answer all of your questions, or if you need a new concrete driveway or any of our services as mentioned earlier, please feel free to call B and R Driveways of Montgomery today, we serve the Montgomery, AL and surrounding areas.

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