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Concrete Driveway Installation in Montgomery, AL: Tips and Techniques

Tips for a Successful Operation!

If you have already decided to add a concrete driveway to your property, then you need to be ready for the contractor’s visit. It is because they will not only install your driveway but will also provide you with concrete driveway installation tips and techniques to ensure that the process runs smoothly. Read on below to know what are these tips and techniques!

Keep the Site Clean

One of the first things that you should do is to ensure that the area where your driveway is going to be installed is clean. If there are trees and other debris on the site, you should remove them as much as you can. You can use a leaf blower to remove the debris if you have one. You can also hire a tree service to make sure that the site is clean.

Placing a Barrier on the Edges

It is important to place a barrier around the edges of the driveway where it meets the walkway so that it does not collect debris. If there are any plants that grow on the walkway, you should pull them away from the driveway to prevent them from being damaged by the digger and subsequent trucks that will be parked there.

Placing a Stone or Brick Edging

If you are installing a driveway that will sit on the lawn, then you should consider adding a stone or brick edging around the whole driveway. This is because it will help to define the edges and make them more attractive.

You should not hesitate to ask your contractor for concrete driveway installation tips and techniques! If you are in Montgomery, AL, B and R Driveways of Montgomery can help you with your project. Contact us today at (334) 203-5094 to know more about our services and schedule an appointment with our experts!

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