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Common Heavy Equipment Used in Concrete Driveway Installation Projects in Montgomery, AL

Installing a Stable Driveway for Your Property

Driveways have become a necessity in residential properties. For it to be stable, concrete should be the main building materials being utilized. You need to hire a licensed and experienced contractor for the concrete driveway installation project to be completed timely and efficiently. We are familiar with what to look for when hiring a contractor, but only a few know the heavy equipment they utilize. To know what these sets of heavy equipment are, continue reading this page.


If you have an existing concrete driveway yet you need to extend or widen it, contractors will use sweepers. This is a vehicle-type of sweeping machine that has rotating brushes with a built-in vacuum for easy disposal. This equipment ensures that the new concrete applied will bind well with the old one.


Sandy or heavy-gravel based courses can be flattened out and compacted using graders. It has a large blade that scrapes off the top layer of the soil to level the ground. It avoids pavements or concrete from cracking after months from its application.

Concrete Driveway Installation in Montgomery ALConcrete Mixer

The concrete applied serves as the base of the driveway. Using a concrete mixer is necessary for the concrete driveway installation project to be timely and efficient. Unlike doing it manually using shovels, this equipment avoids the delay of the project. If concrete is well-mixed, you can be sure that the driveway will last for decades.

Dump Trucks

Installing a driveway requires a lot of paving materials. To reduce the travel time and make the transportation of the cement, sand, and aggregates shorter, the contractor will use a dump truck. This equipment avoids you from spending on additional charges for the fuel and water that the vehicle has consumed.

Before the project starts, make sure those four equipment are present on the project site. B and R Driveways of Montgomery is the contractor you can rely on when it comes to quality concrete driveway installation service in Montgomery, AL. To know the rates of our services, give us a call at (334) 203-5094.

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